Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ibn Al Baytar: moroccan argan oil

In the heart of Morocco grows the argan tree whose fruits produce an oil with many virtues. The rapid growth in international demand of argan oil made the nearly exclusively female-run sector soon deal with industrialisation and mechanisation. Producers created cooperatives with the goal of preserving their traditional know-how, better managing the arganeraies, and optimising revenue management.
Ibn Al Baytar, created in 1999 and a pioneer in the field,is now involved in a new project that improves the turnover of three moroccan cooperatives. The programme, that receives financial support of the Trade for Development, makes it possible to provide the cooperatives’ teams with technical and commercial training, to acquire new equipment and to design quality promotional materials. The Tighanimine cooperative became the first argan oil producing organisation in the world to obtain the Fairtrade label.


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