Friday, December 20, 2013

Fair Prices & Fair Wages. How Fair Trade can improve impact on small scale producers.

A report for EFTA, the European Fair Trade Association, Peter Williams, April 2013

"It is a fundamental principle of Fair Trade to seek to pay fair prices and fair wages to workers, producers, farmers and artisans. This report is the conclusion of a six month study which aims to identify a workable definition of fair prices & fair wages which is practical and realistic for farmers and artisans, particularly those outside the Fairtrade International system, and how fair prices & wages can be implemented, taking into account the context in which EFTA (principally crafts) value chains operate, notably:

• other benefits of being involved in Fair Trade, including non-wage benefits
• the informal nature of employment of many producers and their organisations
• ensuring that small scale artisans and farmers are not excluded from Fair Trade"

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