Monday, May 23, 2016

Fair trade is booming business, also for Carrefour

When you ask Carrefour about fair trade products, the reply is: What do you mean by fair trade products?

In the conventional meaning of fair trade, Carrefour offers some 400 products, most of which under its own brand name; another part consists of products with a Fairtrade label such as Ben & Jerry’s. Communication officer Baptiste van Outryve says Carrefour launched fair trade a couple of years ago, but that the real boost came later. “We have now reached cruising speed but we are not there yet. Supporting supermarkets that we manage ourselves towards fair trade is easy, but our franchises still need to be convinced. Our supermarket in Herent is the best example of successful fair trade implementation in a franchise. The franchisee of Herent and our fresh produce manager visited Peru and met with banana producers there. He has become something of an ambassador and passes on the message to other supermarket managers.”

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